Princess of Hawthorne Prep - eBook

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SERIES: Hawthorne Prep • Book 4 of 4 
BOOK TYPE: Original eBook 
Bully, Enemies-to-lovers, football, forced proximity, opposites attract 


Betrayal. Blackmail. Revenge.
Will there ever be a time when those three words don't rule my life?

Welcome to the world of Hawthorne Prep. A seemingly idyllic school where ivy clings to the thick stone walls and a wrought iron gate keeps out the townies who can’t afford to foot the hefty price tag. Except…I’m one of those townies.
I’m here on scholarship and don’t belong.

At least, that’s the way I’d always felt before Austin came along and blew my world apart. He’s the boy I secretly longed for but never thought could be mine. Against the odds, we managed to overcome the obstacles standing in our way in order to find our happily ever after. I’d assumed escaping my ex would be the hard part.

I was wrong.
Oh so wrong.

Just when I thought we were safe and could move on with our lives, everything gets turned upside down, morphing into a twisted new reality. One that makes what happened earlier look like child’s play.

Vengeance like never before consumes him. This time, he’ll make sure I shatter into a thousand jagged pieces. Ones that can never be put back together again.


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