If You Were Mine - Paperback

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SERIES: Barnett Bulldogs • Book 4 of 4 
BOOK TYPE: Original Signed Paperback 
Enemies-to-lovers, Brother's teammate, virgin, he falls first, forced proximity, football 


An Enemies-to-Lovers Brother's Teammate New Adult Sports Romance.

Know what happens when you don’t bother dating all through college because you’re too busy trying to stay on top of your classes?
I’ll give you a little hint…
It starts with the letter V and ends with irginity.
Ding, ding, ding… nailed it.
Well… at least something got nailed because it wasn’t me. Just to be clear, it’s not like I’ve been holding out all these years, waiting around for Mr. Perfect to ride in and sweep me off my feet. And I certainly didn't take a sacred vow of chastity. It just kind of happened…or didn’t happen, as the case may be.
Know what’s even worse than that?
Having the bad boy of the NFL, who also happens to be one of my brother’s teammates, offer to take care of that pesky problem for me. Which is laughable because if there’s one person I can barely tolerate- it’s JT Higgins. He may be amazing on the field but he’s even more notorious for his bar brawls, drunken antics, and the women who flock to him in droves. It goes without saying that he’s keeping some clinic in business with swab tests and penicillin.
I’ve had three long years of practice shutting down his every advance. So ignoring him should be a piece of cake, right?



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