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SERIES: Western Wildcats Hockey • Book 5 of 5
BOOK TYPE: Original, Special Edition, & Animated eBook 
Brother's rival, one night stand, he falls first, dyslexia rep, mistaken identity, forced proximity, sexual awakening, and opposites attract. 


What could be worse than having a one-night stand with my twin’s biggest rival on the ice?


Nothing is worse than that.

It’s the reason why my brother can never find out that I hooked up with Maverick McKinnon, ridiculously hot defenseman for the Western Wildcats.  It doesn’t matter if the memories from our night together are enough to make my toes curl and my panties—

Well, you get the idea.

He’s the first guy to come along and not treat me like I’ll shatter into a million pieces when he lays his hands on me.  Even if there’s a teeny tiny part within that would like to see him again, the fallout would be brutal.

I have enough to deal with.  Like trying to break out of the box my family has placed me in since my diagnosis.

The only problem?

I’ve lost something valuable.

Something I need back.

And I’m pretty sure whose bed I’ll find it in.



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